Eva’s Diamond Screenplay Review

Below you can find Eva’s Diamond’s (Working title: My Little Angel) review from Storylink (The Writers Store). As it contains spoilers we tried to hide the most revealing details.

In case you really dared to know all of it, click on the link at the bottom of the review. You’ll need a password to unlock it.


“When Eva’s son is accused of murdering an expert in the occult, her quest to prove his innocence leads her into a world of black magic and time traveling spirits. The time shifts and spiritual elements are interesting. They separate this story from more generic mysteries and add exciting layers to the script.

[blockquote color=’#776d78′ ]Where this idea excels the most is when it deals with the supernatural. The scenes of a young Diamond are playful and mysterious. attacks are the other side to this coin. They are terrifying. As we discover more and more about Eva’s past and Andrew’s relationship with Vincent, the script shows its many layers. All this works.[/blockquote]

The script does a good job of staying grounded. With all the time shifts and spiritual magic, it never lets us forget this is a story about the love of a mother and child.

There is a lot to like in this script. The mystery it sets up is fantastic. Throughout the story and especially in act one and early act two, we ask endless questions.

The opening itself is scary and grabs you from moment one. Putting <SPOILER> Eva in peril is a great way to make us immediately latch onto her. To worry about her.


There’s a great Terminator like idea about <SPOILER>, too. It mixes sci-fi and spirituality really well in that regard. The script hits the ground running. 

Diamond is an interesting character. He seems to have been born with this spirit. This power. The flashbacks of him as a nine-year-old work. There’s a real sense of a child who understands he has a purpose. It’s Christ like.

Nine-year-old Diamond’s dialogue in particular does a nice job of being both sweet and mysterious. If it weren’t so full of love, it’d be downright creepy, but a nice balance is found.

[blockquote color=’#776d78′ ]There are some truly terrifying and mysterious moments here. It’s enough to keep a reader invested, and at eighty-seven pages the story never overstays its welcome. It makes for a fun read, and that is why the script and writer are something to consider.”[/blockquote]

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